On Sunsets and Show Tunes

Inspiration for my newest series of water media/oil paintings on canvas springs from my love of musical theatre, a genre I was happily involved in and captivated by at a certain time in my life, and for which will forever hold a fascination for me. What fun to sing and dance across a stage to the accompaniment of a full orchestra, or similar tuneful support, acting out and being part of a plot (book) enhanced and embellished by an unforgettable (in most cases) musical score!

I was lucky to have been part of some great casts in such musical marvels as Kiss Me Kate, Mame, Kismet, Allegro and Man of La Mancha, along with lesser productions and variety shows (for which I wrote the “book” and “borrowed” the music). So it seemed natural to put two spectacular loves together on canvas: sunsets, which are especially dramatic here in Tucson in the summer months, and show tunes.

While painting each canvas, I listen—and sometimes dance—to a CD of a Broadway musical or the soundtrack of one from a film, and I am invariably so moved by what I’m hearing that It seems to come out in a soulful fashion in the finished painting (at least that is my hope and intent)! I would suggest every artist try painting to music, particularly their favorite and something that truly moves them. I believe the results can be amazing, if not somehow magical.

The twelve paintings I’ve turned out are each a meld of a beautiful sunset and music that seemed to match it. You can view them on the “Paintings” link on my Web site. All sunsets are painted to tunes from Grease, Jesus Christ Superstar, Mamma Mia, Phantom of the Opera, Ain’t Misbehavin’ , Les Misérables, Mame, Evita, South Pacific, Man of La Mancha, Gigi and Fiddler on the Roof.

I hope all, or some, or just one viewer will want to listen to the music and be inspired by all the amazing variety found in the shapes, colors and moods of those fabulous displays in the sky.

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